Ubuntu 7.04 Has Officially Arrived

Well, today is the day that Ubuntu 7.04 is officially released. I got two more updates this morning for K3B; it can now rip DVDs to MPEG-4 movies, suitable for playing on my computer or on the latest generation of portable devices. So far I've ripped about 30 of my DVD collection on my Suse 10.2 system. Right now I'm performing a test rip on "Batman Begins".

I'm still debating whether I want to download and re-install from scratch, just to see if any little quirks I ran during the testing phases clear up. But considering that everything Just Works the way I expected is a strong incentive not to screw around with it. Regardless of the OS, it takes time to install, update, and configure it to my liking. This occurs with any Linux distribution or Windows.

Micheal Dell Uses Ubuntu

Yep. Found this item via /. Looks like Micheal Dell uses Ubuntu 7.04 on his Dell Precision M90, a souped up laptop with a 2.33 GHz Intel T7600, 4GB of DRAM, 17" screen, and nVidia Quadro FX3500 with 512 MB of video ram. Not too shabby. And with Ubuntu 7.04 he's also using OpenOffice 2.2. Oops! Better not let Microsoft hear! Although it doesn't say, I wonder if he's been using 7.04 since the early testing releases. If that's the case then that's a damning indictment against Windows, specifically Vista.

That's right. Where's Vista? What I read on that page is that every other machine is running Windows. Windows XP. Not Vista. You'd think that Micheal, the ultimate insider and one of the world's richest geeks, would have had Vista on at least one machine, if not installed on every machine he owns (or have machines capable of running it). But that's not how it's documented. The best example of damning with faint praise I've seen in a long time is to see his three systems tagged as "Vista Ready", but still running Windows XP SP2. I guess Micheal missed the memo on the "Wow".


  1. I think you spoke too soon. I just checked that page, and now all of the other machines are running Vista Ultimate.


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