Ubuntu 7.04 - 108 new updates, Gnome 2.18.1 upgrade, network regression

Got a big block of upgrades today, including Gnome. Gnome itself was upgraded to 2.18.1 and Ubuntu followed right along. Quick testing indicates that Compiz is still regressed from the last upgrade, which is no big deal to me. Regular old 'flat' mode still works just fine, and I can live with that.

No, there's a bigger problem. When the system reboots networking does not automatically start. The workaround is to right-click on the wired network connection icon on the upper tool bar and click the 'Enable Networking' check box. This disables it. Then re-enable it. When it comes back up the network connection is back. Another regression. I sincerely hope this one gets fixed before the Big Release.

Well, I went to go send in a report via the 'Send A Bug' menu selection on System, but it's gone now. Isn't that spiffy?


  1. Have you tried to submit a bug via Launchpad?

  2. yeah i was upset that the Report a Bug thing was gone also. They (someone in response to another bug I posted) told me that it was part of the transition towards the stable release, so that more bugs weren't unnecessarily reported.


    p.s. you cannot be a father of two girls AND of two dogs! ;)

  3. Not yet, but I'll try later. Thanks.


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