Florida Cracker Boston Trip: Day 3

Tuesday, May 30th - Back to Salem

We enjoyed the Monday evening in Salem so much we went back to really look around Tuesday. So we got on the road in the morning and headed back over to Salem. This time we parked along Derby Street, across from the Custom House. The girls split up from us, and we went our separate ways for most of the day.

Megan and Lauran went up the street to the House of the Seven Gables. Before they got there they hit In A Pig's Eye for lunch and then Ye Olde Pepper Candy Co. for some sweets. Then they went across the street to the House and took the tour.

Judy and I wondered around the surrounding streets, looking at the Scale House, the Narbonne House, the Hawkes House, and the Derby House. We also wondered around and just looked at many of the surrounding residences, just enjoying the look of the architecture. Judy and I also checked out the Orientation Center next to the Friendship of Salem. While there Judy picked up a small monograph about the Friendship. It turned out that the author was also the manager of the Orientation Center, so she got him to autograph it.

After we got back together we dropped Megan off at Peabody Essex Museum. Judy, Lauran and I went to a local restaurant named Red's Sandwich Shop; Judy and I for our first lunch, Lauran for desert. We got an OK meal there, and we barely finished before they closed at 3pm. While waiting for Megan to finish looking at the exhibits in the Peabody, we walked south on Essex and into a little local bookstore called The Cornerstone. The atmosphere of the bookstore was probably the best I've ever experienced. It's quite small compared to Barnes and Noble or Borders, but it was the best little shop for just sitting and reading.

We picked Megan back up after she'd spent about two hours in the Peabody, and headed back to Tewksbury.

In a Pigs Eye, where the girls ate lunch.

The Hawkes House. It was originally used as a warehouse by the original builder.

The Derby house next door to the Hawkes house. It was the owner of this house that built the Hawkes house and used it as a warehouse.

The Narbonne House.

An interior shot of the very comfortable and well done Cornerstone bookstore.

An interior shot of the Peabody Essex.


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