If It Breaths, Kill It.

At a distant research facility, the final 10% of the human genome has just been discovered. And with it all Hell has broken loose. Now, a call for help has gone out.

So ring out the ominous first words of the Doom Movie Trailer. And guess who shows up? The Rock and Karl Urban With Friends looking particularly mean and nasty, wielding typically vicious looking BFGs with unlimited ammunition, running heroically into the Doomed Martian Facility to Fight Evil. And they have with them a company of sacrificial Marines whose duty is it to die in gruesome yet entertaining ways for the movie audience. I haven't seen this many set up for a sacrifice since Aliens. But hey. It Ain't Shakespeare. So when it comes out, pay your cash, sit back, and bathe once again in the magnetic personalities of The Rock and Karl Urban.

Around Every Corner...
Behind Every Door...
Doom Is Waiting.
No One Gets Out Alive.


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