JDK 5 Update 4 Just Released

It's getting more and more interesting with Sun's Java. Sun just released it's latest version of Java (1.5 Update 4). What does this mean? First and foremost it means that Netbeans Profiler Milestone 6 can now fully support Java 5. That wasn't supposed to happen until this release. I've looked at the release notes and I can't spot what was fixed or added to allow this to happen, but I will be working with the profiler in Netbeans 4.1 Real Soon Now just to give it a spin.

Another related release are the Q builds for the next version of Netbeans. I'm looking at new code completion extensions added to Netbeans 4.2. I've pulled down the latest Netbeans developer version just to try that out. I decided to try that feature after reading about it in Roumen's blog. Between the immanent release of Matisse, the Q builds, and now this new point release, I'm going to be in geek heaven for a while. Oh, yes, my sandbox system was upgraded to Fedora Core 4, and I've gone back to the bad old habit of running everything on the latest kernel from kernel.org (in this case, it's Sun may want to sell me Solaris on x86, and they may not have fond feelings for Redhat, but for me the combination of FC4 and the latest Java bits makes for one sweet development environment.


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