Is Pamela Jones Baiting Maureen O'Gara?

In my last post on the subject I (see "Why Pamela Jones Deserves to be Outed") I hypothesized that MoG was outing PJ because of the heat MoG was getting from the Linux fanatics, egged on in part by PJ herself. A message appeared on the Yahoo SCOX board today that seems to echo that sentiment (a highly recommended message I might add).

Re: PJ on MOG
by: jwhitf
(M/Boston, MA)

05/09/05 11:30 am
Msg: 263006 of 263069

<<<Moreover, what, exactly, do you suppose MOG is up to? What's the point, if not an attempt to intimidate and silence Ms. Jones?>>>

Simple; she's venting. She's angry and casting about for a way to get back at PJ, assuming that PJ is the reason she's being so roundly criticized. Anybody who's been in enough flamewars realizes that there is a point where frustration boils over and it is extremely difficult to keep from responding irrationally. PJ's been baiting MOG for some time now -- I'm not surprised MOG lost it.

The problem, however, is that her base assumption is flawed. The cause of her problems isn't PJ -- although PJ is certainly an enthusiastic contributor. MOG's problem is that she has not only sided with SCO but has been reprinting SCO's story as if it were proven fact. Since SCO's basic theory is that the entire Linux community consists of liars and thieves, it's either disengenuous or clueless to express shock that the tone of the response should be angry.

MOG's got much bigger problems than one paralegal blogger.

Yep. Such is the day-to-day goings on at the Yahoo SCOX board. Let's see how badly we can egg somebody on, and then sit back and laugh as the target lashes out. Like I said earlier, PJ needs to be outed. More importantly, PJ needs to be brought down a peg or three. She's taken on a holier-than-thou persona that is become quite insufferable. I have, at the very least, stopped going by. If I do go by in the future it will be to deliver to her what she enjoys dishing out to others, especially to MoG.

I care deeply about Linux and want to see it grow. But I want to see it grow honestly. Actions by a number of the posters on the SCOX board as well as by PJ do nothing but taint the reputation of those of us who just want to get the job done. And you know how the Linux kernel hates things that are tainted.


  1. This is a sucky blog.

    I can't tell where your quotation of this SCOX post begins and ends and where your comments/opinions begin/end.

    If you are going to quote other people/posts and offer your own opinion, you need to do so with more care.


  2. >> This is a sucky blog.

    Thank you for that most illuminating comment. I guess your sucky comment fits right in then.


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