Sunday, April 07, 2013

nexxie sunday

waiting in line
I was supposed to go to the spring Fiesta in the Park at Lake Eola today. My wife went downtown to the Bob Carr to watch Madama Butterfly with a friend. On the way back I intended to stop at the Fiesta and walk through, looking for photographic opportunities. But as I drove near where it was being held I found no place to park except for all the little spots near apartments and other small parking lots where local folk had set up for-pay parking starting at $5 a pop and up. That pretty much killed any desire I had to visit. Instead I drove on down to a Burger King on Orange, near Michigan, and spent $5 on a basic lunch.
1950 in 2013
What is interesting about the current Burger King stores are the new, nineteen-fiftyish style the stores are all adopting. Lots of bright colors, primarily bright oranges, with vinyl coverings on seat bottoms and backs. I don't know why they'd choose this particular design motif, but it reminds me of older places I used to eat at when I was a kid living in Atlanta. In particular, it reminds me of the Varsity near Georgia Tech.

On The Way Home

I picked my wife up after 5pm when the opera finished. On the way back, driving south on Parramore and at the corner of W. Central, I passed a number of now-empty buildings covered in local graffiti.I stopped across the street, and with nothing but the NEX 5N with the Sigma 19mm, I walked around and took as many photos as I could before I had to stop and head on home. While walking around I came across a local who told me that the buildings were due to be torn down in two weeks to make way for a parking lot for the Amway Center just two blocks south and east. This is but a fraction of all that I took. I hope I documented enough before this is all gone.
graffiti at parramore and w. central
graffiti at parramore and w. central
graffiti at parramore and w. central
graffiti at parramore and w. central
graffiti at parramore and w. central
graffiti at parramore and w. central
late lunch / graffiti at parramore and w. central


I used the Sony NEX 5N with the Sigma 2.8/19mm. Post processing was done with LR 4 and Nix Color Efex Pro 4 and my special filter. The look is almost like HDR, and it works equally well with either the NEX 5N or the E-M5 raw files. The Sigma 19mm has a 35mm equivalent of 28mm on the NEX 5N. I like that field of view. And I like what Color Efex Pro 4 is doing with the raw images. I'm slowly approaching a look I like with this tool. It definitely isn't film-like, and I like that.

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