At home recuperating

Day One Recouperating
They discharged me Sunday afternoon from the hospital. I'm home ensconced in my big leather recliner in the TV room to keep the knee up at a proper level. I get up to go to the head because I'm drinking lots of water to rid my body of the residual anesthesia. That gives me lots of opportunities to exercise the knee.  I've also got plenty of time to do my 11 physical therapy exercises three times a day. Thing hurt, but it's a healing hurt, and I'm taking my sweet time to make sure I don't do anything wrong. The physical therapists at Florida Hospital worked with me Friday, Saturday and Sunday to go over the key exercises. Today I'm flying solo. Starting tomorrow for the next two weeks I'll have a nurse come by once/day to check and make sure progress is being made and nothing goes wrong.

And of course I have my security camera with me. Photo was taken with the Sony in black and white and post processed on my wife's Macbook Pro. I resized it in Olympus Viewer 2. I tried to use iPhoto for my very limited post processing needs, but iPhoto is so limited it makes Viewer 2 look like a programming marvel. I'm not saying Viewer 2 is bad. I'm saying iPhoto is very bad.

The photo: Yes, that's Helen Mirren playing Detective Chief Inspector (DCI) Jane Tennison in "Prime Suspect 6: The Last Witness." And that's my walker, and my socked feet, and lots of books and DVDs Blu-rays all around. So I sit and sleep, chase the cat off my knee, watch some Netflix, read some on the web, do my PT, take my meds, and stay home bound. Very. Home. Bound.


  1. I wish you the best with your recovery. I completely tore my ACL in my left knee a couple of years ago so I learned what knee pain can be like. I'm sure you are sitting there 'rooting for the right' this evening:o)

  2. I'm not hearing any gloating from the Democratic camp:o) You must truly be in some pain. Seriously though, I hope you are doing okay, Democrat or not. And remember, it's all about fiscal responsibility to me, Democrat or Republican. I will vote for anybody who knows how to live within their means. That doesn't seem to exist in this society or government any more.

    1. All the best Bill. I hope for a speedy recovery.


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