Falling in love again

I went shooting a few photographs in downtown Orlando on Memorial day with a fellow Olympus user. In the process I had a lot of fun and fellowship and learned to love the Olympus ZD 50-200mm zoom all over again.

I picked Jim up at his place mid-day. We traveled downtown to Greenwood Cemetery. My friend Jim brought two E-510 bodies, one with a 9-18mm UWA zoom, and the other with the 70-300mm zoom. I brought my E-3 with a 50-200mm and my E-P2 with its 14-42mm kit zoom (along with just about everything else I own, including my tripod).

Jim and his Olympus

In spite of being festooned with all that gear on the right, I managed to fire off a fair number of shots during the two hour period we were there.

Nearly every shot today was taken with the E-3/50-200mm. Even though I've been using the E-P2 almost exclusively since the day it arrived at my place in December 2009, today was the E-3's day, or more specifically, the 50-200mm's day.

Wide open or stopped down, the 50-200mm produces sharp images with lovely contrast and detail each and every time. Attached to the E-3 body, it's every bit as good as the Olympus ZD 12-60mm zoom. While many speak glowingly of the SHG 35-100mm f/2, the 50-200mm f/2.8-3.5 can hold its own quality-wise with the 35-100mm, at roughly a third of the cost of the 35-100mm. Today, as I walked around with the E-3 and the 50-200mm, I came to appreciate the nearly instantaneous focusing of the E-3/50-200mm, the bright optical finder, and at home I came to marvel at the quality of images produced. Well, at least the technical quality. The artistic quality may leave a lot to be desired.

Light in the Darkness

At Attention Even In Death

Celtic Cross

Paying Their Respects


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