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Circuit City Going Out Of BusinessMy Flickr stats went through the roof today when one of my lovely images was used in an engadget story about the final closing of Circuit City.

This is different from the three shorter NowPublic articles that used my photos in the past. I liked how NowPublic asked me before using them. I had no quibbles about NowPublic using my work, and I was quick to agree to their use. The fact NowPublic went to the trouble to ask first is a nice and classy touch.

But beggars can't be choosers, and I am certainly a beggar to this game. I was given attribution at the bottom of the engadget article, and there is the undeniable fact that its inclusion is driving a lot of traffic towards my Flickr account, and that image in particular. And if I'm going to take pictures of topical subjects then there's a far greater chance they're going to be cited than, say, some of the prettier pictures of flowers and clouds and what-have-you.

There's no doubt I'm contributing to the gawking and staring-at of this on-going train wreck known as the liquidation of Circuit City. But I made a resolution to follow the effects of this deepening recession and its effects on Orlando, of which the demise of Circuit City is but one small part. I don't know how much worse it's going to get, but when I hear stories like today's that unemployment has risen to 8.5% in Florida, life seems to grow a little darker, a little more depressing. And I feel more compelled to cover this ongoing story in my own small way.


  1. Hi Bill,
    The more I follow your personal snapshot documentary of the demise of prosperity in Orlando the more I ponder. I am nearing the end of my working life and I have have been lucky to have only been out of work for 17 months in total since I left school. In those days a guy could leave school with no qualifications and get work that day. If it was not to his liking he could walk out in the afternoon and if he wanted, get another job before teatime. Those days have long gone. What sort of legacy have we left the young and not so young looking to support themselves and their families. Its a tragedy that never seems to end. I feel a little selfish when I think "Thank God i will not have to worry about it much longer". I shall follow your blog with interest as always Bill but I hope you will still have happier content from time to time.


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