No new KDevelop 4 for me!

So I went off to the KDevelop site and per its instructions checked out a copy of the KDevelop supporting development platform as well as KDevelop 4 itself from subversion. After installing more development packages (cmake, kdelib4 devel, etc) and then running the basic cmake setup command (cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/work/kde4 ../) I was informed that my installed version of kdelibs were "too old" (ERROR: the installed kdelibs version 4.1.3 is too old, at least version 4.1.85 is required).

Ahhh... So now I'm debating whether to install KDE 4.2 beta from the repositories ( It would be interesting to run with the latest KDE 4, but so far I'm hesitant to mess with what works rather well for the moment. There are other applications and tools in the current installation to keep me occupied, and it's Christmas, and I can certainly afford to wait until 2009. Especially considering that KDE 4.2.0 is scheduled to be officially released 27 January 2009.


  1. Thank you method

    I meet the same problem too.


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