My Tax Dollars at Work - The Florida State Capitol

I know it's been documented before. I mean, it even has an entry describing its 'somewhat' phallic symbolism in Wikipedia. But for the first time in the twenty-four-plus years I've lived in Florida, I finally noticed the grand phallic symbol that is Florida's State Capitol.

It was a perfect late autumn Florida day, with low humidity, in the mid 70's, and not a cloud in the sky. I crested a hill while driving and there it stood in all its radiant glory before me. You can see it quite clearly driving west on Apalachee Parkway, right as you crest the hill between Marriott Drive and Broward Street. I stopped just long enough to step out of the car and take this shot with my Olympus E-300 and a 40-150mm zoom at 150mm. And to think, outside of F.S.U., I labored under the delusion all these years that there wasn't anything worth seeing in Tallahassee.


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