Boycott Novell: Defenders of Freedom, or Offenders of Freedom?

The following large quote comes from an even larger rant about Boycott Novell (google for it, I refuse to link it it). I even use the original article's title as my on. How's that for re-use? But I digress. Let me introduce Fucker T. Washington...
Ladies and gentlemen, sit down. You have all been taken advantage of in the worst manipulative mental carnival imagineable.

FUD. We all know the term. Wikipedia states it as: "Fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) is a tactic of rhetoric used in sales, marketing, public relations, and illiberal democracies. FUD is generally a strategic attempt to influence public perception by disseminating negative (and vague) information."

For the longest time, this tactic has been largely connected with Microsoft. Free Software advocates have lashed out against these unfair statements, in an attempt to maintain a fair playing field.
There is one site, however, that tries to "play dirty" with Microsoft, and Novell. Enter the era of double-standards and bullshit. Boycott Novell is the unsatisfied FUD-mongerer's answer to corporations.
Nevertheless, Boycott Novell spreads FUD like a plague. It has misled hundreds of thousands of Free Software advocates, and it constantly works on staining the reputations of companies that have done nothing wrong. What's worse, they often have little proof of anything. Ever read a Boycott Novell article? Funny how they cite themselves 10 or more times in every article, rather than actually pointing to any relevent news. Give us facts grounded in reality, for Christ's sake!

The articles themselves are playing on a single card: fear. Their so-called "news" is nothing more than overblown forum posts and speculations that were stretched out to be crap-filled articles. They play the mentality of everyone's least favorite forum trolls, stating "OH MICRO$HAFT IS EVIL, USE LINUX ITS BETTER! LOLOLOLOLOL!". Some people are just fine with using Windows/Mac/BSD/etc. An OS does NOT make a person, actions and words do.

And, as stated before, they use themselves as sources of information. A real journalist would know to link to real information sites, or at least speculation sites. They could say "Well, it's completely possible that..." instead of "NO! THIS IS FACT! BELIEVE LIKE US! THINK LIKE US! CONFORM! BE AN INDIVIDUAL!", it's a worse case than the rampant Mac-fanboyism.

There is a way to reverse this problem: knowledge. Real tech journalists should stop buying into the bullshit. Instead, they should start doing real research and facts, rather than the "Yellow Journalism" that has left Hearst and Pullitzer to roll in their graves. As a group, Free Software supporters need to end the hate and anger against faceless companies. It's counter-productive. Furthermore, it's just damn silly.
Linux advocates need to grow up and go back to what really matters: technical merit. Linux's technical merit has been flagging lately, primarily due to poor quality during the releases. I've personally experienced the lowering of Linux quality in three major distributions (openSUSE, Ubuntu, and Fedora) since April 2007. Devices that worked in older releases stop working (specifically nVidia and ATI graphic chip sets), applications that worked in older releases stop supporting features in later releases (K3b, codecs in ffmpeg, etc) just to name two major problem areas. This is progress?


  1. Hi.

    What do you mean that recent disto's have issues with ATI/ NVIDIA ?

    I have tried Ubuntu 8.04 opensuse 11 (32 and 64 bit) and have never found an issue with the 3D drivers.

    The only thing to watch out for is if you have installed the driver manually (i.e directly from - which everybody should do as its a much newer driver than though Yast) - you have to re-install the driver after Xorg / kernel upgrade.

    As i compile my own kernels after installing a new one I use the -K option (so i can install the driver with multiple kernels..)

    I have no experience with ATI however....


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