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Two guys I know, and one I used to work with on OneTESS (Kurt Hamby) have ridden from Florida to Alaska on Triumph Tiger motorcycles. Which is a hoot with Kurt; you'll either see his blue Triumph in the parking lot or his monster diesel F350 (the one he uses to tow his horses).

I just got off the (cell) phone with Kurt:
Me: "Hey Kurt!"
Kurt: "Hey Bill!"
Me: "Where are you?"
Kurt: "Alaska. Why?"
And so it went for another minute before the link got dropped somewhere between here and Alaska. I couldn't quite make out where he said he was, but I think he said Fairbanks. GPS shows them in Fairbanks and the blog they've been keeping notes they stopped in Fairbanks and are headed back south. Kurt said it would take another 10 days to get back to Florida. When he gets back I'm sure there'll be plenty of stories to regale us at many a Tijuana Flats lunch.

Ride safe guys.


  1. Bill,

    Thanks for joining us on what I like to call Rich and Kurt's Wild Ride. I do what I can to keep it up to the minute so stay tuned.

    Incidentally, in case your curious, I work on OneMESS for Kurt as an FSCX employee.

  2. OneMESS -- aahhhaaahhaaa


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