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It's January 29th here in Florida (as in the rest of the world) and time once again for Primary Follies, in which the Democratic Party gets to decide on essentially nothing. We were given the political "death sentence" by the DNC because Florida's Republican-controlled legislature moved the date up to today. So the DNC, in a fit of righteous indignation, punished us Democrats and said our early vote couldn't determine how our party deligates would be divided.

Well, piss on you guys. After watching the Clintons act like a pair of grand jackasses on the campaign trail, I decided to cast my vote anyway - for Barack Obama. I'm not voting for Hillary because she's a woman, I'm not voting for Hillary because she's a Clinton. To me, the Clintons have come to represent the old party machine that's screwing us over. After getting slapped around multiple times in 2000 and 2004 by the Republicans, I'm in no mood to put up with it in 2008 from the DNC.

On the Republican side I'm rooting for John McCain. My fall-back position is that if Hillary wins the Democratic nomination and John wins the Republican, then you'll see me casting my vote as Republican come November.


I voted "Yes" on 1.

Update 2

Looks like McCain will be the Republican winner in Florida. According to CNN it looks like Giuliani will drop out tomorrow (Wednesday) and endorse McCain. It's not like Giuliani had anything anyway, not with one lone deligate.

And it looks like Clinton won the Florida Democratic beauty contest. Too bad no deligates were at stake, so it's essentially all for naught.


  1. I see your point.

    I'm all for Obama myself because I don't trust the Clintons neither. But I would not vote for ANY republican, no matter what.

    I think that the Republican aparatus is rooting for McCain after he was declared terminally dead by his own campaing before New Hampshire, because as it happened in the last election with John "The statue" Kerry the party goes with the electable guy.

    The GOP is a bastard but they are not stupid, and they know that the only erpublican candidate that has a chance to win the White House again is McCain because he is "semi-liberal". But if you read his comments he is a pure B.S.

    And I'm sure that in case he wins, the party will make sure to insert a lot of people that follow the current administration policies.

    So that's it, I prefer a bad Clinton than a nice republican.

    I hope to keep reading your interesting experiments with Linux.
    I myself converted to Linux Mint after a long time with Ubuntu, and I like it a lot.

    See ya.


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