Last forced upgrade of Second Life carries adware: FALSE POSITIVE

I walked into work this morning and turned on my notebook, and what am I greeted with but a Symantec AntiVirus Notification that there is adware, Adware.CPush, as part of the Second Life uninstaller. This showed up after a forced upgrade of the Second Life client software over the weekend.

I barely have time for a first life, let alone time to waste in Second Life. I got involved October of last year out of curiosity, based on comments from Dr. Roger Smith of PEO-STRI. Since then my sojourns into Second Life have been infrequent at best, and every time I have fired it up I've been forced to download and install one client upgrade after another. Looks like it's time for me to move on and reclaim a bit of disk space being consumed by the Second Life client.


Looks like I was too trusting of Symantec. The detection of Adware.CPush in the Second Life uninstaller was a false positive. I found an entry on Roger's Information Security Blog that detailed the same problem, except he was having problems with Filezilla's uninstaller. So I upgraded Symantec's virus definitions since I also run Filezilla. In any event Second Life won't go back on the notebook. As stated earlier I don't have the time, and Second Life is just so boring.

I wish I had an operating system that was secure enough that it didn't need a virus scanner and yet had widespread adoption and acceptance for business use. And no, it's not Vista. Or Mac OS X. Or Linux. *sigh*


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