Narcissic navel gazing

When I look at the zero comments I get I go and google for blogbeebe, just to see what shows up. This morning I got seven pages of search results. As I rummage through the results I see I'm now on two fairly sophisticated site tracking systems that seem to look at everything I do on this blog. The first, BlogShares, has a price on my blog of $183 (as of the date of this post). Who'd of thought it would be worth that much? Then there's PubSub, which has a nice professional set of diagrams and graphs that show my blog is - well, a zero. It looks like it's counting inlinks and outlinks, and it shows them as all zero. Which is odd, since I usually link to at least something in every post. But I must not be linking to Anything Important.

The rest of the links concern an odd mix of Java and celebrities. I can understand the Java links. The celebrity links surprise me. Apparently even mentioning an actor or actress is grounds for tracking. I write far more about Java and other technologies than I ever did about movies I've seen, which is where I mention the names of actors and actresses (the celebrities).

Looks like all my 'writing' is food just for the web bots. I certainly don't get much in the way of comments. Especially after turning on comment validation killed the comment spam.


  1. Bill:

    I've looked into your LinkRank issue and noticed that we haven't been calulating your numbers. Sorry about that. I've "activated" your blog in our system, so everything should work a bit better now.

    Also, it doesn't matter who you link to (it doesn't have to be anyone important), but that you actually link out and that your ATOM feed reflects it. I've noticed that your ATOM feed is sumamry only, which is another reason why we haven't picked up on your outlinks. You can easily change that in your blogger settings.

    Please feel free to contact me if you have any more questions or comments.

    Steven Cohen


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