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No more ebay for me!

All through March I spent bits and pieces of my time in an futile attempt to pick up some cheap used Olympus camera gear on ebay. I started my search looking for a used Olympus E-1 body for around $250. The E-1 was Olympus' original 4/3rds camera, and at the time it was released in 2003 it cost somewhere around two grand body only. I wasn't looking for the grip or any lenses, I just wanted the body, hopefully in reasonable shape.

I didn't want a body used by a pro; that would have had the hell used out of it. I was looking for a body from someone who purchased it because they thought it was cool at the time, but had long since grown bored with it and had either traded up to something shinier or had just left it sitting on a shelf in their closet.

When my attempts to bid on used E-1s fell through multiple times, I tried my luck with a used E-300 for $81. I gave my original E-300 to one of my daughters to use in her undergraduate photography class at F.S.U. I didn't real…